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Ultrasurf is one of my favorite anti-censorship and anti-blocking software on the Internet. It is free, fast and very effective. Ultrasurf was originally created by the Ultrareach Internet Corporation to help Internet users in China to bypass filtering and censorship by the government. However, Ultrasurf is now amongst the most popular unblocking tools available on the Internet. It is available as a free download at or . Unlike the traditional proxy servers, Ultrasurf supports cookies, scripts and even SSL!

The best part about Ultrasurf is that it does not require any installation or configuration. It is just a 2MB file which can easily be carried around in a pen drive, mp3 player or even in a Micro SD card of your camera to your college or office. It is possible to simply double click on the .EXE file downloaded  to get immediate access to blocked and restricted URL's. No installation, No registration, No other hassles! Sometimes clever System Administrators will try to prevent users from using the Ultrasurf by blocking its process name from being allowed to be loaded into the memory or being executed. In such cases, it is still possible to use Ultrasurf by just changing the name of the downloaded .EXE file to any other name. This will also change the process name in the task manager.

Ultrasurf can be used to:

  • Hide your ip-address and surf anonymous.
  • For accessing blocked website on you school college or work.
  • Encrypt your communication, and personal information while online banking on public Wi-Fi.

Now comes the most awaited part, lets see how we can start using Ultrasurf by following the simple steps below:

Step 1:  
Before we start Ultrasurf , let us check the current IP address of the system by opening . Within few seconds it tells my Current IP address as, my current ISP is Airtel Broadband and location is Chennai, TamilNadu, India. We'll test the IP address again after running Ultrasurf.

Step 2:
In this step double click on the downloaded .EXE file and it should automatically open the console window shown below. Ultrasurf will first automatically establish a connection to its central server what has a huge database of available proxy servers and find the best available proxy server and then establish a secure connection with it. Once the secure anonymous connection with the proxy has been established, Ultrasurf will automatically open an Internet explorer window. By default, there will be a golden colored padlock on the right bottom corner of the browser window signifying a secure connection has been established.

Step 3:
To test whether the connection is truly anonymous, connect once again to the website . Based on the screenshot below, the IP address has quickly changed to with the ISP as Hurricane Electric and my location is shown as California, United States.

The best feature of Ultrasurf is that when you close it, it will automatically delete all entries from the browsing history and cookies on your system, leaving absolutely no traces behind! Enjoy Ultrasurf-ing!

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