Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Tails Operating System

The Tails Operating System is for those who are concerned about privacy and anonymity on the Internet,

If you often use a computer belonging to someone else, maybe to secretly browse the Internet using the office/college computer, then you might be spending a huge amount of time to clear up the browsing data. We know it's a kinda irritating and a lazy to do work. For people of this kind comes a relief, The Tails OS.
Tails is a coolest OS that can booted live from a USB or a DVD.

The Tails Operating System ( is available as a free download on the Internet and has been specifically designed to keep security in mind. It is an OS that can run from a boot-able live DVD or a USB stick and gives the users absolute anonymity on the Internet. Not only does it protect your privacy on the Internet, it can also be used to bypass restrictions that may have been implemented by your system administrator. Tails uses TOR to provide its users with secure encrypted anonymous access to the Internet. It has various inbuilt encryption capabilities which allow users to encrypt their files and browse the internet without any restrictions. It is possible to install Tails OS on a boot-able DVD or a Pen Drive, and now let us see the procedure of creating a Live boot-able Tails OS Pen Drive:

Step 1:
The obvious first step is to download The Tails Operating System from its website which is a 865 MB file and so it may take a few minutes to download. We also need to download a tool to make the USB Pen drive a boot-able one, and one such tool is the Universal USB Installer ( available on ). And finally you need to have a pen drive with atleast 2 GB free usable space.

Step 2:
Plug in your pen drive to your computer and then start the Universal USB Installer software and follow the on-screen instructions. It will ask the linux distribution we wish to install, and we select Tails, then choose the path where we downloaded the Tails ISO image and select the pen drive on which we wish to install the Tails Operating System. The Installation process would be completed in a few minutes.
(Note: Performing this step will erase all the data existing data on the pen drive, backup the data if needed)

Step 3:
Once the installation is over, keep the USB Pen Drive plugged into your computer and restart the computer. Before booting press the key F12 or F10 depending on various systems to open the BIOS settings page, in the BIOS select boot and then set the 1st Boot Priority  to the connected USB Pen drive. Save the settings and restart the computer.

Step 4:
The Tails OS should start automatically on the computer. And now the application restriction that existed on windows will no longer be there. You are free to use whatever application we want.

This OS is very popular because it comes with various Pre-installed applications (TOR, etc) which give you anonymity over the internet, also  you'll be able to unblock applications and can access the blocked stuff over the internet, i.e., all the website restrictions are also removed.

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