Tuesday, 21 February 2012


This note is to make the FB and all other users to preview the spam links which they get on their wall to have a preview of it before actually opening it......

First let us see how You can shorten larger URL's to smaller URL's for our covenience through:

  • http://bit.ly
  • http://goo.gl
  • http://tiny.cc
  • http://www.tinyurl.com

However, it is important to note that such shortened URL'S can easily be misused by a criminal to redirect the victim to malicious websites for phishing,stealing and other purposes, since by simply reading the URL or even hovering the mouse over the shortened URL, it is not possible for a user to find out the real destination of the link. From a security perspective, it is always a good idea for users to preview a link before opening or viewing it in the browser. Different URL shortening websites have different ways to preview its URL as described below:

URL SHORTENING WEBSITE                                   HOW TO PREVIEW A URL
  • http://bit.ly                      ------------------------>    Add a + after the URL
  • http://goo.gl                    ------------------------>    Visit www.longurl.org
  • http://tiny.cc                   ------------------------>    Add a = sign after the URL
  • http://www.tinyurl.com   ------------------------>    Add a preview. after http;//


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